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Grade 3-5-This delightful sequel offers 29 recipes in five categories: breakfasts, snacks/sides, main courses, desserts/treats, and drinks. What better way to get kids to eat broccoli than to have them make 'Boss Nass Broccoli?' The introduction provides basic safety tips and a list of tools needed. Most of the creatively named recipes, such as 'Handmaiden Hash Browns,' 'Sith Speeder Sunrise,' and 'Amidala Challah,' are simple to make and require few ingredients. However, the authors warn readers about those that take hours to prepare. The step-by-step directions are easy to read and follow. The highlight of the book is the glossy colorful photos of action figures in scenes with the prepared food. The pictures truly inspire readers to try the recipes. The pages are sturdy and shiny and easy to wipe clean. The spiral binding enables the book to stay open while cooking. It even includes a plastic stencil to decorate one of the dishes.Sandra L. Doggett, Urbana High School, Ijamsville, MD Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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